Sometimes, I feel that God is teasing me, he knows I’m a big Kylie fan, I’ve seen her in concert a few times, I have a lot of her stuff (all CDs bought legally…Ms Minogue! Honest!!) – I’m still struggling with the concept of mp3 downloads etc and still buy CDs… anyways, back to God testing my faith! How could I miss this? The Ring O’Bells is a short walk from our place and then the Princess of Pop rocks up at “the Bells” for a few songs….no doubt you’ve seen the Youtube clip already!

Anyway, news gets out, here are a few links highlighting our humble yet beautiful village with the Kylie connection this past week!

Kylie Minogue & Tinie Tempah – MTV

Excellent news article at THE SUN

Image courtesy of “The Sun Newspaper group”

Kylie’s 1st Pub Gig – SKY NEWS
“The Manager of the pub told Sky News ‘Kylie had about a half an hour rehersal, then had a hamburger and chips before going on stage at 10:30pm’.”

OMG MUSIC’s Review

& another from Americanidolising

As I missed the princess of pop, may I suggest to EMI that they send us Katy Perry soon for a staff get together at the pub? Just mail me in advance and I promise to keep schtumm :D